Sunday, September 21, 2008

IceBoxxx part 2

This took too long, but as a bonus my house did not burn up. While on the subject, if you are looking for a great deal on a toaster fused to a toaster-oven, we've got the hook up for you.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nuclear Winter Wonderland

My thesis is an exercise in character development, and world building. As the title says its Apocalypse fun, so what better world to build than the one thats been scorched by the fires of the atom?

Sir Frederic Hoyle wrote how after the cataclysm, the esquimaux were the least affected, in the hot times they simply rowed a little farther, in the cold times they dug a little deeper, but the survived admirably compared to the civilized folks, who were all but destroyed by The Black Cloud

Colored version and endearing stories coming next week.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bubble Bubble toil and trouble.

Andre Royo, as Bubbles from The Wire, is one of my favorite subjects to draw. I've been trying to get better at showing how light falls over forms with all these ink drawings, and I think its working out pretty well.

Also, I while drawing Bubbles, I often think of Bioshock, and think of that other Mr. Bubbles.

Bird on the Wire

Fredro Star, of the hardcore rap group Onyx, was pretty awesome on The Wire, and had some beautiful vitriolic rants while handcuffed to a table in a BPD interrogation room.

More portraits for your perusal and enjoyment

So I watched Fringe last, night, and Lance Reddick was playing a pretty awesome CO again. It was pretty cool, even if Joshua Jackson isn't exactly my sort of action hero.

also here is a picture I think is better of Michael K. Williams, who played Omar Little, the legendary stick up boy from The Wire. I really should probably stop rendering things, because I don't like to, and think there's so much more zazz in these high contrast drawings. Maybe I'll color it later.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Frog and Toad are friends

Toads are pretty cool, frogs too. One time I saw frog on a menu, and I totally would have gotten it, but sadly, I was hungover and didn't think they would be good for my gizzards.

Vicky Vale, V-V-Vicky Vale, Bat maaaaaaan

In Leviticus they say you should not eat bats. That is what I learned sophomore year in college. It is pretty good advice because all bats do is make St. Bernards into monsters which is tragic, as the St. Bernard is meant to save hikers with its tiny brandy barrel, and not terrorize the countryside. In short, don't trust no bats.

What I did this summer

Remember that bit about watching too much of The Wire? It didn't stop with school. Sometimes I liked to pretend I was being productive while watching it by drawing the characters from it. Featured here are Lance Reddick, or Lt. Cedric Daniels and a fourteen year old Jimmy Jelani Manners, or Kevin Johnston.

You may recognize Reddick from his recurring roles on Oz and every other procedural though probably not because I draw his head funny.

You may recognize Manners from Step Up 2: The Streets.