Friday, November 6, 2009

No Refuge

I keep looking at the one picture of Major Malik Nadal Hassan. I don't know what I'm really looking for in it but I keep looking at it.

Major Malik Nadal Hassan.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Other than the Gorilla Gorilla skull, these are studies for more Chomsky Stuff. When planning this I was struggling to come up with symbols for Pakistan, India, China, Russia, and America. America and Russia were quick, the bear and eagle, as was China, the other bear. India was at first going to be an elephant, but was changed to the tiger both because it works better for a piece about militarism and because it fits with the trend I had going of using the national animals to represent these nations. I had no idea what to use for Pakistan although settling on national animals solved this issue. I am proud to say that while brainstorming on the couch I said to Tim, " Maybe a goat or something?" only to find out that the national animal of Pakistan is a Markhor, which is indeed a goat, or something. Actually Pakistan has many many symbolic animals. China has many as well. This is noteworthy because one Chinese national animal according to wikipedia is a dragon. China is the only country I know of with a make believe animal as a national animal, they don't give a hoot what you think they do what they want. Giant Dams, sick Opening Games, industrial might, oodles of executions, DRAGONS, China's got 'em and there isn't a thing we can say to change that. Ballers.

I read some Chomsky in the Hopkins bookstore and got some ideas. These are preparatory bits. Actually I was reading comic books in the Johns Hopkins bookstore and would quickly switch to Chomsky whenever someone would walk by so they wouldn't know what I was up to. I really think if you see this you probably know I'm an awful nerd though so I can speak freely. I'm glad we've grown so close.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lesser animals and Back issues of NGM. Thanks Book Thing.