Wednesday, July 1, 2009


As I ran forward I shouted at the beasts and those that were leaping for the figure stopped and turned toward me. I knew something of the temper of these animals and that I might expect them to charge, for they were quite fearless of man ordinarily; but I ran forward toward them so swiftly and with such determination that they turned growling and ran off.

The one that had hold of the figure succeeded in dragging it to earth just before I reached them and then it discovered me and turned, standing over its prey, with wide jaws and terrific fangs menacing me. It was a huge beast, almost as large as a full grown goat, and easily a match for several men as poorly armed as I. Under ordinary circumstances I should have given it plenty of room; but what was I to do when the life of a woman was at stake?

-From Chapter Three: The Hellhounds of The MoonMen By Edgar Rice Burroughs.

I'm planning a nice big JULIAN 9TH for the top, or possibly THE MOONMEN or possibly THE HELLHOUNDS and possibly a nice by Edgar Rice Burroughs for the middle bit.

More than likely you will see some more MoonMen based work in the upcoming book "RED PONY #1."