Sunday, June 15, 2008

I drew some stuff in sketchbooks. Its pretty awesome.

The last days of junior year were characterized by staying up late doing homework and watching The Wire. I once walked to the same junk shop Bubbles frequents. Modern Junk and Salvage Co.

There is something that is endlessly alluring about a fish in a suit.

Doing things like this during AH-390 History of Film is probably why I got a B- instead of that A I think I deserved. That or walking out on those melodramas. Still, drawing a pretty rad Dracula is totally worth dragging down the GPA.

Super Apocalypse 2: Beginning backwards is gniningeB

I went back and revisited some older characters I'd made up, and put together a little series for them. I like that whole mad max thing.

I like turtles driving muscle cars and firing guns. I also like puns, which is why I call him, "The Mach Turtle."

And I lied, Beginning backwards isn't gniningeB at all.

Sailor Jerry Mothers' day?

So I tried to make Mothers' day and pirates into one thing. You know, punk rock kids love throwing the skull and bones on everything, and they are starting to have kids. So maybe some day, the world will be ready for a nautical Mother's day.

Regardless of how holiday appropriate this is, I still like drawing tiny pirates.

I also don't know if its Mother's day or Mothers day. Does anyone?

Fun Fact: Pot Bellies Linked to Heart Disease

Apparently a little pot belly can be a big problem, for your heart. What will happen to all the adorable little Vietnamese pigs?

Hipster Handbook: The Loner