Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bombed out Back


Elephantitis was pretty much the funniest thing in middle school, when no one really understood it. If I spend too much thinking about tiny parasitic worms making my lymph system go insane and blow up like a balloon, I get a little freaked out.

Still, all these weird ailments are beautiful and fascinating in a weird way. Especially this one.

Baby Elephant Man walk

Joseph Merrick, the "Elephant Man" is possibly the only reason we know of Proteus Syndrome. A disfiguring syndrome which causes bizarre bone and skin growths, as well as tumors covering about half of the body. Its cause is still unkown.

Another Ink drawing of what I'd look like a horrible medical condition. Horrible as they may be, disfigurements are much more fun to draw than an unblemished figure.

If I was old I could get away with anything.

The first of three drawings of myself with terrible medical ailments for Dan Dudrow's Life Drawing clas. As it was the first the brushwork got a little wonky, but the non-relational color saved the day. I am glad I don't have progeria. I am a little sad I don't have that amazing beard anymore.

These are my new speaker sneakers!

This was based on this song, which is in turned based on this webcomic. It was the final for José Villarubbia's Illustration II class. Once again I find that I really like drawing animal's in people clothes. Also, Jack-O-Lanterns are pretty fun to draw too.

Text Adventures

This was an illustration for some parable that went something like the following.
"I love you."
"How much?"
"I'd give you anything in the world!"
"Give me your life."
"Liar, you never loved me."

Thanks for posing my friends.

Two Strangers Pass in the night

I heard Theodore Roosevelt wore the monocle because that eye was damaged while prizefighting.

Acis Wild

This was based on the sad story of Acis and Galatea, a classic story of boy meets girl, cyclops crushes boy with a boulder in a fit of jealousy, girl turns into a stream in a fit of sorrow.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A mid winter's interlude



Genesis 28-29

If you ever played 1942, for the NES, you may recall that there were those huge green planes which could fire a shot that would be most fruitful and cover the screen. Featured here is Jacob's Ladder reaching down from heaven

Here is the sequence in which Jacob is tricked into marrying the wrong daughter. Poor fella.

The night was saved, by Hyo-Sung.

Sometimes when you're in highschool, you may have friends who are in college. You may visit them on a Saturday night, and find yourself in a trainyard where students are crushed beneath the cold steel wheels of freight cars on occasion. On such nights, it is important to have friends like Hyo-Sung to watch out for you, and make sure you get to bed safe.

The trouble we avoided back then...

Opium was a mighty weapon of Colonial England.

I should cut things outta paper more, it always looks pretty cool. This was for Confessions of and English Opium-Eater by Thomas DeQuincey.

Eats, shoots and Leaves

A picture of a panda shooting a gun is a good picture. Also, I like bad science fiction. So I wrote the following story. Both are based on Folsom Prison Blues.

Vengeance on a Foreign Sun: The Red Giant
By Nate Krasner
Kobach the space cossack was sitting in a bar on Reno VII, the seventh moon of Reno, the fourth planet orbiting the star Nesur Secundus. His fingers tapped impatiently on the photon vinyl covering of his table. He was impatient, because he was waiting for Mike, the man who had ruined his honor five cycles ago.
For space cossacks, honor is the first thing, and it is the duty of the eldest son to protect this honor. Kobach was the eldest son of his family, and his father had not spoken to him since that fateful day, five cycles ago. Against his better judgement, Kobach's father had let his eldest daughter attend an Tri-D Neutron show, near the Rostov Nebula, in Internstellar Russian Union controlled space. That night Kobach had caught Mike and his sister Sascha, in the back seat of Ricks air-convertible. Laser beams raked the back of Mike's air-converitble as Mike pushed Sascha out and sped away. Kobach continued fire his Laser baton as Sascha wept on the docking platform.
From that day forward Kobach's life had been dedicated to one thing: The destruction of the space captain Mike. If you travel the space lanes for even a short time, you will surely hear the old story of the Boogalab-Sshah and the space cossacks sister.
The Boogalab-Sshah was the leader of the Manka3, a medium sized space cult. The Boogalab Sshah met a beautiful dark haired girl named Svetlana, and took her as his concubine. This so enraged the space cossacks (who were her family) that they waged a nine cycle campaign of genocide on the cult. Even the slightest rumor of Manka3ism was enough to bring a deadly rain of laser baton fire, and scorching death hoops. To this day, Manka3 is only practiced in the dark back rooms of hidden city's, for the laser baton of the Space Cossack reaches far outside the Interstellar Russian Union.
Mike had failed to follow this ancient wisdom, and from that day, five cycles ago, he had been pursued like the sun, by Kobach, who was like Scinfaxi or Hrimfaxi, the ancient viking wolves, even though he was cossack, not viking. So across twelve systems Kobach had pursued Mike, until all his leads led to Reno VII and a final confrontation with Mike. Kobach would have his revenge.
Mike walked through the swinging doors of the saloon Kobach was sitting in. Kobach stood up so hard his chair fell on the ground BANG! and everyone turned to look at him except Mike who was really cool about it and just walked up to the bar.
"Mike! I am Findink you now! Turns to face, your dess" Kobach said through his space cossack accent.
"Kobach, you old space cossack, hows that sister of yours?"Mike asked while sliding his hand towards his Mega-Pulse-Pistol.
"Mike you are tryink to bes funny man, but your funny man will helpz you no more than that Mega- Pulse-Pistolz!" Kobach said while shooting the Pistol away with his Laser baton. Mike dove over the bar as Kobach kept firing and hot laser smashed into the toad faced bartender. Mike came back up over the bar with the bartenders plama-axe. Kobach ducked behind an upturned table to avoid the burning plamsa,
"Mike! I will be smazhing your charmingz head for this and for the honor of my familyz you mandovoshka!" Kobach said while firing lasers blindly over the table. All of a sudden Mike tackled him so hard that they both flew out the door into the street.
"Not today you won't you space cossack bastard!" Mike said as he tried to cut Kobach with his laser razors! Little did Mike know that Kobach was an expert at the extraterrestrial martial art of Devouring Neutron Star. Kobach easily batted away Mike's laser razors and threw him across the street. Mike rushed towards his fallen mega-pulse-pistol. Kobach also rushed towards it.
"You are wishink for that Mike!" Kobach said as he dove on top of Mike. They Kicked each other and elbowed each other in the ribs. Mike's fingers were inches away from the pistol. Then Kobach slammed Mike in the side of the head with his ham sized fist and snatched away the pistol. BANG BANG BANG!! The gun discharged three times leaving three smoking holes in Mike. Kobach stood up and looked at Mike as he made his last sound, a choking gurgling sound. Right then the Public Order drones floated up to arrest Kobach.
While Kobach was sitting in the triskelion on Delta Folsom, he thought back to that day.
"If I know one thing in life," he said "It is that it was worth this, just to watch him die," He said, as he watched another space freighter roll by on the space lanes.

A sad day

One day in Narrative Illustration class, Daniel Krall, he says, "Illustrate a conflict," and so I illustrated the Ballad of Square Potato and Vincent Price Banana, a tale of love, and madness, tragedy and solitude. This was probably the best use I ever found for color aid. It was also based on a true story, of the saddest birthday ever.

Zodiac LLC

Leo is probably my favorite. I'm not sure why.

Actually I was lying about leo, Sagittarius is definitely my favorite. Its his hair, and attitude.

Assignment for Daniel Krall, we had to make a zodiac. I was really into the idea of the zodiac in an office environment. I'm not sure where the initial idea came from, but I think it might have just been that I think animals look funny in business suits.

Politics: Serious Business

Illustration about a news article about one week where every politician stuck their foot in their mouth. Ted Olson called Nancy Pelosi ugly, Nancy Pelosi pouted about who the new majority leader would be, and John McCain picked the wrong time to push for more troops in Iraq. Good job washington.

Costume party

Illustrator piece for Dan Krall. Halloween is a pretty awesome holiday.

A fun game to play

Raftapult: A fun game to play
Place one friend on an inflatable raft. Using two other friends, violently capsize raft, propelling raft and first friend several feet.

Custer Jump on it

In Fall of 2006 I made these George Custer Variations. They were an Illustration I assignment assigned by Daniel Krall.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hammers are not hard tools to use.

I like old soviet posters, those reds sure knew what they were doing when it came to making posters. Warren Linn assigned a piece about Katrina. This was inspired by great old Russian poster art, and George W. Bush choking up on a hammer and tapping it against the frame of a house, while on camera, speaking about reconstruction in New Orleans.

Cutting out hearts like my name was Akuji

In the spring of 2006 I had to illustrate an article about love, marriage all that baloney. After making several bad sketches, I drew a couple ghosts holding hands. After staring at it for a moment, I was filled with divine inspiration. Quickly, I wrote soul mates next to it and smiled contentedly. A fantastically clever young woman tapped me on the shoulder and without saying a word handed me a folded piece of paper with two words written on it: Ghoul mates.

From the ghosts came some ghouls, and some skulls that would probably make a boss t-shirt.

Instructor for this one was Warren Linn.

Back then I made some movies.