Sunday, March 23, 2008


For Brian Ralph's character Development class, I made a pitch for a Post-apocalyptic Childrens show.
Welcome to the world of...Super Apocalypse

The Counter

The wisest man in the wasteland.


Villain of the Wastelands.


One of our intrepid wasteland wandering boy heroes.


Another of our intrepid wasteland wandering boy heroes.


Berta the most fly mutant Kangaroo in the wasteland.
One of the Charm City Rollergirls modeled for us in class once, skates on and everything. I made this. Punk rock cowgirls on skates? Yes please.

Dia de los panorama

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Apparently, the migratory pattern of the monarch butterfly places them in Mexico around the day of the dead. This has linked them to the souls of the dead returning, in local mythology.

Poster design for the jam band/electronica group Brothers Past. You can't go to this show. It already happened.


Q:What is the same about Mark Twain, Fifty Cent, and Pez candy?

A: They are all from the Constitution State, Connecticut.

A trip to monster Island

Fall semester of 2007 I tried to figure out how to paint for Rachel Salomon's class. In the process I painted a lot of monsters. These are some of them.

Faces in a bent piece of metal